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Benefits of using Lync 2010

Being in the position I am in at my current job, I have had the time and most certainly the motivation along with management approval to deploy Lync 2010 for presence and conferencing. But before I received the approval, I was asked by management and a few select others the same question “Andy, what is Lync?” It is a valid question, and after trying to explain some of the obvious points that Lync can give you, I compiled a document that gives some of the benefits of Lync from a client perspective, and a server perspective. So why not make for a good post, right?


What is Lync?

Microsoft Lync is a single, unified communications platform that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office® and other existing tools and systems, and can enhance or replace your existing IP PBX system. This can lead to improved productivity, increased mobility, and faster responses for customers, partners, and employees. Other benefits may include smoother deployment, easier management, and lower cost of ownership.

Lync Info

Does the Lync client work with Office 2010?

Lync client has a 32bit and a 64bit version for Mac and Windows. Lync for windows comes with a few more benefits than the version for Mac but thus does not make it superior by any means. Both versions have the ability to use all the features and benefits that Lync has to offer to your organization.

Can we use Lync to instant message to my other non work related contacts?

Since Lync works over the internet, Lync has the ability to federate with public servers to enable Public IM Connectivity. Public IM Connectivity allows Lync to connect with public IM service providers such as Microsoft Windows Live, AOL, and Yahoo messenger. Lync users from one organization can add users at another to contact lists, send them instant messages, and see their presence information.

Can we use Lync with our mobile devices?

Yes, Lync makes communicating easier and more engaging by delivering a consistent experience across computers, browsers, telephones and mobile phones. Windows Phone, Apple iPad and iPhone, Google Android phones and other such devices such as Nokia and BlackBerry all have the Lync 2010 client mobility client that gives the user full ability to do all they can do from their desktop Lync client.

This posting does not show all the benefits that Lync can do, but just some of the ones i get asked about usually. I just wanted to post to share with my small but yet vocal followers.

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