BlackBerry and the misery of a IT sys admin

Nothing against people who have chosen BlackBerry for their smartphone, what I have to say is against the peeps who make them…RIM software. Now these guys have made a fortune with their isolated phones and software but for the most part the way the iOS is designed is just so “overwhelming”.  Have you ever had a chance to dig into the menus?  It is just one big steamy pile of menu options and choices!  Nothing is simple nor obvious, and that is what the user needs, the owner needs simple choices, simple options, they don’t need to choose what type of security certificate they need when connecting to a wireless network.  Really RIM?  Why torture your users?  Just pointless.  But what is my favorite?  The BES software.  Worst thing ever.  Don’t get me wrong, when it works it works great.  But the phones do not always connect and when they don’t it aint very easy to fix them.  RIM says most the time to just wipe the phone to fix it.  Really RIM..really?  Wiping the phones is not the only option.

Sometimes RIM has secret options for you to do in the phones software.  Like this one.  When your calendar or contacts or emails are all duplicated, how to fix them?  Reset them.  But sadly there is no reset button to find.  RIM has put that in a secret option.  Very Area51’ish.  So what you do is go to your calendar, contacts, or inbox then open the menu and choose OPTIONS.  At the OPTIONS screen you type RSET  Thats it, those 4 letters does a reset but wipes what is there which is the service book.

Then it resyncs the book and boom, no more duplicates!  Now this takes like 15 or 20 minutes to finish but it still works.  Now why couldn’t RIM make that an choice on the screen, why some secret option?  To probably keep the users from reseting their folders right?  Well obviously they want to do that so why not give them the option?  Just silly if you ask me.  Anyways, there are way more things that get me going about BlackBerry devices, but I will save those for another post.

all BB should end up like this


One response to “BlackBerry and the misery of a IT sys admin

  1. Well I would have to agree with you there My Andy. I love the famos RIM support answer to everything “Have you tried doing a security wipe on it”. Classic…It reminds me of “Have you tried turning it off and on yet”. Here are my favorite 2:

    1. RIM currupts the Windows OS 2008 R2 system and says it is because the OS wasnt properly shut down even though it has been properly shut down. Root cause is good RIM software! Thanks RIM.

    2. Ever wonder why when you create a database in Exchange and a new user will not Activate? Well you got to run a powershell permissions script duh! I mean come on really?

    But once you get passed the lame support, the year long menus, the never ending errors upon reboot, and all the manual scripts and duplicate emails i think they may have something there…

    Just my 2 cents!


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