MS-TecEd 2011 the aftermath

so i have had a few days to think back and really soak in all that i learned and saw at Tech-Ed.  i know i hae been blogging about Tec-Ed lately but i promise this is the last post directly blogging about MS-TechEd 2011.  So, rather than type away about all the  good and bad things, i have decided to narrow it down to the top 10 things about the conference.  and here we go!

10.  with the attendance up near 10k, it was nice to see our industry thriving again and proving to be very strong on all fronts (system administration and programing)

9.  the availability of the MVP’s and Microsoft engineers at The Learning Center this year.  Last year it was not difficult but some of the better engineers were not around much but this year there were plenty to go around.  validating my MS Lync 2010 design and talking shop about Exchange 2010 was a hue bonus for me at the event.

8.  the vendor floor was strong but it was nice to see that more serious vendors at the conference this year, and they showed their dedication and allegiance to Microsoft products.

7.  great foods.  even thou this topic deserves some attention, i wont boast about the food to much because i am not a food expert like my friends are.  she always trips me out about things she tastes and sees in foods that i dont.  i am sure at this event, the food was a decent 5 outta 10 stars, but the vendor party had GREAT food, i don’t know what happened for the rest of the week.  me and “harlems finest” had to foot patrol it out of the event on the last day to get some southern cooking food. it was totally worth it.

6.  reuniting with the UMD OIT crew.  it was awesome to see these fella’s again.  we got to talk shop, validate rumors and i had to confirm that i am not coming back to UMD.  but other than that it was great catching up with the following: Rob “big sexy” Williams; Patrick “im always looking for a job even thou i wont leave umd” Nemil; Steve “one time almost former employee of wintel” Tender; Steve “machine gunz” Gunzburg;  Gus “harlems finest” Sam

5.  the after party events.  wow, they are difficult to get invited to but if you get in, the foods and open bars are off the hook!  much love to the Unified Communication Round Table i attended on Wednesday.  The 3 mac and cheese and open bar was awesome

4.  Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta.  one word, NICE.  i enjoyed my stay, and the building was by far really impressive.  i had a blast at the restaurants and bars in there and the staff there was great.

3.  powershell.  powershell. powershell.  get it?  the future of the industry and my career is really clear now.  i really need to get better at doing some fancy powershell stuff.  i give it about another few years but it will soon be a requirement for my job to have high level powershell skills.  i need to keep reading, practicing and using powershell on a daily basis.  if i really try and make an effort for 4 weeks to use powershell a lot i think it will set th path for my success.

2.  the merge of lync, sharepoint, and exchange.   i see it coming and it wont be far ahead when microsoft merges these 3 technologies together.  as an exchange admin i know and see exchange is a dying horse.  i need to adapt to sharepoint and lync so that i can secure my place in the upcoming unified communication foundation.

1.  the after party!  i mean come on!  does Microsoft know how to party or what?  the entire Georgia aquarium, the coca cola museum and plus open bars and great food everywhere, they really take care of us.  there was not one disappointed member of the Microsoft army that night cause the band that performed was awesome as well.  i had a great time and it was by far one of the best tech-eds ever.


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