so i have been at Microsoft’s tech-ed conference for the last 4 days.  on this last day of tech-ed, i have tried to begin to sum up my experiences that i have learned and witnessed here.  so here are some personal highlights.

  • powershell is not a front-runner as it should be but most speakers are pushing it very much to the front, another year or two, powershell will dominate the side of Microsoft engineering that i am involved in.
  • lync 2010 server is really becoming the new “exchange” for Microsoft
  • soon i believe that Microsoft will have to merge exchange, lync, and sharepoint all into one product for unified communications software
  • windows phone new update that is going to be released this fall is gonna make a huge impact on the enterprise.  they might even surpass blackberry hold on the market.
  • explaining the “private” and “public” cloud using Microsoft products is exciting but also a glimpse of what is in store for us veteran engineers future if we stick with a heavy investment in all these Microsoft products.

so among all the hoop-la and all the give-aways, free stuff, and other various prize things, i am thinking that this year tech-ed has been not only more fun than last year but it has been a huge learning step for me to get me motivated and excited to use this stuff back in the work place.  last year i was taking a lot of tests trying to get certified and everything (which i did) and not having to do that this year has left me to enjoy all that tech-ed has to offer.

i hope i get to come back next year in Orlando, should be a good one.


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