andys Blog

So I started to write a blog on my MSN spaces site and there was a link saying that my Spaces blog stuff is being migrated to this site.  It is all integrated but I am not sure just how much traffic or public my blog may get.  But I will try anyways.  First I am going to post powershell lines that I use for Exchange 2007 and I am not going to try to educate the general population, I just want to put them out there and share them because that is pretty much how I obtained them.  I grabbed them from other admin blogs and mutated them to fit my needs.  I will give credit to the authors as I can remember them and that is it.  I will also blog about music, sports and other random IT stuff because I am a IT guy.  Okay, that is it for now.  Tomorrow I will post some new stuff.

Oh yea, I am gonna blog bout relationships and comic book hero’s .  Standard geek stuff.


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